Prof. Errol Cason

Prof. Errol Duncan Cason is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of the Free State, and his research is focused on quantitative animal breeding. Animal breeding encompasses various aspects of bioinformatics such as genomics studies, variant calling, genomic breeding values, genome wide association studies, among others. In addition, he has a broad background in microbial diversity in niche environments, or biomes and has incorporated this into his animal science research by investigating diversity shifts in rumen biomes due to various treatments. He has also an interest in heritability of rumen biomes and their correlation to production traits in animals. His research publications can be accessed here:

His selected presented training include:

16S metagenomics data analysis in Qiime and R. Postgraduate course. University of the Free State (2018-Present).

Introduction to Bioinformatics (IBT). H3ABionet Course. University of the Free State (2019).