Ms. Sesiyanda Maseko

Ms. Sesiyanda Maseko, holds a B.Sc. in Microbiology and Biochemistry and B.Sc. Honours in Biochemistry (University of the Free State).  She  joined the UFS-NGS Unit in 2024 as an intern under the Enteric Viruses Research Group.

She was motivated to pursue an internship fellowship at the UFS-NGS unit to build on  the role genomics played in the success of her honours project titled “An Escherichia coli-based heterologous expression system for the Hepatitis B-virus polymerase to produce soluble protein for structural studies” and is eager to delve deeper into genomics and bioinformatics beyond the scope of her honours year.

With a strong determination to pursue a career in clinical research, Sesiyanda expresses gratitude for this opportunity, viewing it as a stepping stone towards making a Nobel-worthy contributions in the field. She is committed to seizing every moment and maximizing every learning opportunity to continually improve and enhance her skills.