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Implementation of methods for the Hamilton NGS STAR™ Liquid handler

The scripting of methods that will be applied to the Hamilton NGS STAR™ robot at the UFS-NGS Unit for automation of DNA library preparation is ongoing (July and August 2022).

The Separations team (, which are the Illumina and Hamilton channel partners, led by Grant Kilian (Head of Sales) and Van Der Merwe (Divisional Manager of Robotics) visited the UFS-NGS on 21 July 2022, among other things, make plans for the training and optimal applications of the Hamilton NGS STAR liquid handler.

The team at the UFS-NGS Unit is looking forward to utilizing the NGS STAR workstation, which provides consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems.

Hamilton NGS STAR™ workstation for next-generation sequencing application.

Mr. Grant Kilian (Head of Sales, Separations), Prof. Martin Nyaga (Lead Researcher, UFS-NGS Unit), Mr. Van Der Merwe (Divisional Manager, Robotics)