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Dr. Emmanuel Ogunbayo represents the UFS-NGS Unit at the QIAgen Peer to Peer Forum in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Emmanuel Ogunbayo represented the UFS-NGS Unit at the QIAgen Peer to Peer Forum in Barcelona from 27-29 September 2023. The UFS-NGS Unit respiratory research group contributed to the First African Data which highlighted the applicability of the QIAstat DX respiratory SARS-CoV- 2 Panel in the detection of respiratory viruses. The data was disseminated in four journal publications in high impact journals.

At the event which consisted of the QIAstat users globally; where publications, medical value and QIAstat updates are discussed, Dr. Ogunbayo delivered a keynote presentation on the “Early diagnosis of respiratory viruses in children with severe acute respiratory tract infection (SARI) in South Africa.

In his words “I’m elated that the future of diagnostics is evolving, and the adoption of syndromic testing such as QIAstat DX respiratory SARS-CoV-2 Panel in respiratory infectious diseases, especially in children, could lessen the burden of SARI on healthcare systems, clinical labs and clinicians.”

He further describes the in-depth learning experience with other syndromic testing specialists from other countries as inspiring. Dr. Ogunbayo is grateful to his study supervisor, Prof. Martin Nyaga for the opportunity to disseminate his research in this important clinical forum.